A Story of Natura

Founded by Cristian Ielo in 2012, Stecco Natura Gelaterie has its origins in Sicily of Italy, aspiring to offer top-notch Italian gelato made of natural ingredients to everyone.

A veteran retail distributor in Italy's fashion industry, Cristian developed an interest in gelato during a family trip in Florence, as his children were fascinated by the colorful popsicles at a local bar. Noticing that the popsicles contained additives and food coloring, he was concerned about his children's health, which then inspired him to establish the natural Italian gelato brand, Stecco Natura Gelaterie.

The years spent in the fashion industry have nurtured in Cristian an appetite for quality lifestyle and healthy diet. Not only are Stecco Natura Gelaterie's gelato and popsicles fully made of natural ingredients, they are also imported from Italy, thus inheriting the authentic flavours of traditional Italian gelato.

On top of that, Cristian adds a personalised touch to the desserts: Just as one can freely pick their favourite daily outfits, customers can sweeten their indulgence with their choice of crispy layer and toppings among a mouth-watering collection of flavours. The offering proved a success and has since become the brand's signature products.



Unique Formula

Our original gelato formula was successfully developed and have improved following many trials run by our own brand team. We found our unique formula for making gelato that has up to 50% fresh fruit conveniently standing on a stick.



Sweet Ambitions Spanning Over a Decade

Within a year of opening its very first shop in Catania of Sicily in 2012, Stecco Natura Gelaterie marked its presence across 6 European countries. In recent years, the brand also expanded into the Asian market, introducing its first store to Hong Kong in 2019, as well as Macau and Shanghai in 2023, sharing its unique Italian flavours with more dessert lovers.